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Sabang International Freediving Competition 2018

IFA - Sabang International Freediving Competition 2018
Start date: 03.11.2018
End date: 08.11.2018
Days: 6 days
Location: Weh Island, Banda Aceh, Indonesia
Even type: Depth Competition
Disciplines: CWT, FIM, CNF
Event Medic Name: Reynaldo SUMOLANG
Event Medic Qualifications: MD
Main Judge: Wayne John WRIGHT
Assistant Judge: Lily WINDA

When & Where?

The SIFC2018 is the second Freediving Competition in Indonesia that fully funded by the Ministry of Tourism, Republic of Indonesia and Aceh Province, will take place over the period of six consecutive days starting on November 3rd until 8th. Training facilities available on October 20th. Location will be the Balohan bay, located on Weh Island's southeast coast, West of Indonesia. The competition platform will be anchored with maximum depth around 105m. Shuttle boats will bring athletes to and from the competition area.

Who can join?

Freedivers of all levels are welcome to compete. The only prerequisites are:

• Minimum age is 18 years or 16 with parental consent

• You need to be in good health and present the Medical Statement signed by a physician

• In order for your dives to appear in the ranking you need to be a member of your National AIDA. If your country does not have an AIDA yet please contact us in advance

• The maximum depth for the competition is 100m

How can I join and how much is it?

The cost for the competition is FREE. This includes:

• The 3 official competition dives over 6 days (1 off day in between)

• The Workshops from top notch freediver

• 7 days free use of training buoy and 50m line

• Boat transport to-from competition platform during official dives

• AIDA fees and entry into the AIDA ranking system

• The closing ceremony on November 8th

And do not include:

• Accommodation

• Transport to-from Weh Island

• Meals

• Medical and evacuation insurance or expenses

• The Platform pre-competition training with competition setup (Counter ballast system, DPV safety, Sonar, emergency boat etc.)

Cancellation policy

After registering online you will get notification email for your confirmed registered and link to upload your flight ticket confirmation to reserve your place. If we do not receive flight ticket upload until August 31st, your registration will expire and we give priority to the next athlete on the waiting list.

Waiting List

We have space for 40 competing athletes. Once the competition is full we will create a waiting list for any additional inquiries. Once registered athletes cancel, we will give priority to the next diver on the waiting list.

The Competition Meeting

There is an event meeting where all competing athletes must be present. It will take place on November 2nd at 3pm at the Mata Ie Resort Weh Island. What you need to bring:

• Your passport

• Your lanyard including belt for CNF for checking by the judges and will be marked

• Your Medical Statement which must be signed by a physician and says "fit for Freediving" and is not older than 1 year

• We will take your depth announcement for day 1 and day 2

For athletes who do not have a medical statement, there will be a doctor present who will issue medicals for a fee of 20 USD from 2:30-3pm.

After completing the registration of all athletes we will give a review of the competition rules and also publish the start list for day 1 and day 2. The meeting will finish at around 6pm.

3-pack depth competition

There are three competition dive in six days. Every 2 days is dedicated to one of the depth disciplines.

• Day 1-2: CWT

• Day 3-4: FIM

• Day 5-6: CNF

The best overall results (disciplines performed in that order) will determine the top three divers (male / female). However you are free to announce dives that are not representing the discipline of that day. For example you can do a FIM dive on the CNF day. That dive will of course appear in the AIDA International ranking, but you will receive zero points for that day for the comp internal ranking.


Safety is our top priority. We want to organize an event that is fun and relaxed but at the same time safe and professional. Here are some of our safety mechanisms:

• Announcements in each discipline are limited to not more than 5m than the athletes PB in training

• Due to high safety standard, our safety freedivers will only handle 20 divers per day.

• A group of Instructors level Safety Freedivers will provide safety at the appropriate depth for every diver

• Deep Safety with a DPV (scooter) will be used by primary safety freedivers to gain more safety and confident for all the divers

• Every dive will be monitored from the surface by our Depth Sonar

• Our highly effective Counterweight System gives us the possibility to retrieve divers within very short amount of time

• Competition doctors and nurses will be on standby for every diver

• Athletes who experience lung or trachea squeeze or a Blackout below the surface with Safety Divers assisting the athlete to the surface will not be allowed to compete on any of the remaining days of the event. Surface LMC / Blackout will be evaluated by the Event Medics and the Jury will decide if the athlete will be allowed to continue to compete

In the unlikely event of any diver needing additional care in a hospital we have Dedicated Rescue Speedboat on standby that can reach the nearest hospital and Decompression Chamber Facility in the city of Sabang within 15min.

The Medical Team, Judges and Organizers have the right to refuse the start of any athlete if diving would pose an obvious risk to the diver's health.

Water conditions

November is usually good month for Freediving in the bay of Balohan, Weh Island, Indonesia. The bay is much protected, very little to no wind will make for nice surface conditions. The water temperature will be 28- 30 degrees on the surface. This temperature stays constant until a depth of around 50m. The expected visibility is around 20 - 30m. We try our best to schedule the dives during times with least current.

Prizes and Sponsors

Overall Performance :

• 1st place Male / Female: 20 mio Rupiah

• 2nd place Male / Female: 15 mio Rupiah

• 3rd place Male / Female: 10 mio Rupiah

Best Discipline :

• Best CWT Male / Female: 10 mio Rupiah

• Best FIM Male / Female: 10 mio Rupiah

• Best CNF Male / Female: 10 mio Rupiah

Best Newcomers :

• Best CWT Newcomer M/F: 5 mio Rupiah

• Best FIM Newcomer M/F: 5 mio Rupiah

• Best CNF Newcomer M/F: 5 mio Rupiah

• 1st Overall Newcomer M/F: 7,5 mio Rupiah

• 2nd Overall Newcomer M/F: 5 mio Rupiah

• 3rd Overall Newcomer M/F: 2,5 mio Rupiah

National Record Breaker Money Prizes

(Prizes are tax deductible)

Many other awards and surprises are waiting during our closing ceremony on Nov 8th!

We hope this information is helpful, please contact us at [email protected] if you have any further questions!

We wish everyone successful training and hope to see you in November!

The Indonesian Freediving Team


Official Time of Performance

# Check In Warm Up O. T. Athlete Country Gender Dscp. AP AT NR

Competition Results

Official Results

Overall Results


# Athlete NAT PTS
1 Marianna Gillespie RU 214.0
2 Jung A Kim KR 184.0
3 Natalie Rudman ZA 172.0
4 Mao Xia CN 167.0
5 Mariko Kaji JP 139.0
6 Anna Marie Richardson GB 138.0
7 Syafidatul Azua SHAFII MY 137.0
8 Nikita Fima Atriyu ID 118.0
9 Ka Yan Lo HK 113.0
10 Li Karlsen SE 108.0
11 Maria Noella Zosa PH 102.0
12 Air Yang Jing Yan CN 92.0
13 Qin Luo CN 90.0
14 Cristina Correia Gageiro MO 85.0
15 Elisabeth Mattes AT 0.0
16 Yee Hui Lim SG 0.0
17 Nora Galgoczy HU 0.0
18 Darja Tjioe NL 0.0
19 Jie Dong CN 0.0


# Athlete NAT PTS
1 Jin Wang CN 239.0
2 Stefan Randig DE 224.0
3 Marc Anop US 215.0
4 Jay Ku TW 208.0
5 Michael Nelson TH 146.0
6 David Buchler CH 140.0
7 Chak Nam Lei MO 113.0
8 Martin Zapanta PH 107.0
9 Yong Fei Lim MY 102.0
10 Komtanoo Pinpimai TH 90.0
11 Mohd Farid MD YUSOFF MY 86.0
12 Viktor Reshetniak UA 81.0
13 Alexander Nilsson SE 70.0
14 Haneef Shahminan BN 63.0
15 Galih Jatnika ID 51.0
16 Jonathan Chong SG 0.0
17 Paul Wai-Kei Sack MY 0.0
18 Gert Leroy BE 0.0

Best Newcomers


# Athlete NAT PTS


# Athlete NAT PTS

Best Newcomers Discipline


# Athlete NAT Discp. PTS


# Athlete NAT Discp. PTS

National Records